Energy Tea Bomb

01. February 2021

Due to the current situation and being stuck at home, everyone strives for some variety in their everyday live - especially with regards to daily routines like the morning tea or coffee. So why not try something new and exciting?

Challenge accepted! We discovered the rising tea bomb trend and directly had to try it. You only have to melt sugar, pour and spread it out into round baking tins, put a tea bag in it and close it. As a last step you only have to pour hot water over the tea bomb, it cracks and the tea infuses, so you can enjoy your delicious tea bomb.

To add a special kick to the tea bomb, we decided to energise it with our Energy Wellness-Tea from the Luxury Tea Bag line. It is full of extra energy, containing caffeine from the cola nut and the sweetness of cherries. Have a go and try it!

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