New cozy season with Organic Tea

01. September 2021

The new, colder autumn season is just around the corner.

To be prepared, we decided to offer you some tips and insights when it comes to hot, delicious and cozy tea moments. Especially our Organic Tea assortment offers some flavours, which fit perfectly into the autumn season.

Our very personal recommendations for the cold season: Herbal and spice tea blends are ideal for warming the body from the inside. Ginger and pepper as well as some types of cinnamon stimulate the body and give the blends a very special character. Blends with pieces of cocoa shell or vanilla exude a warm, comforting atmosphere, provide a dessert character and ideal for a very special cozy time out. Especially with regards to this type of herb and spice blends, the Organic Tea range from TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES has exciting feel-good teas in its assortment. Already the names such as Cozy Herbal Fruit, a fruit tea with herbs, accompanied by spices such as cardamom and pepper or also Calm Seas Mint, a balanced herbal tea blend of different mint varieties, provide the extra portion of feel-good factor.

We recommend: Brew Teahouse Exclusives Organic Tea, light a candle during the brewing time, put a cozy blanket ready and enjoy the cozy tea time.

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