TikTok trend beverage #pinkdrink

01. May 2021

Teahouse Exclusives meets TikTok:
The hashtag #pinkdrink has currently more than 252 million hits worldwide. This colourful drink trend has its roots in the USA, where Starbucks sells this Social Media-worthy refreshment. Not only the TikTok- and Instagram-Community is keen on trying to make the drink themselves, we at Teahouse Exclusives decided to try a Do-It-Yourself version ourselves. 

The vegan trend beverage is made with hibiscus ice tea, elderflower syrup and coconut drink. Therefore we thought this would perfectly work with our deliciously red Hibiscus Pomegranate Ice Tea.  

The #pinkdrink is super easy to prepare:
Fill a glass with ice and frozen raspberries, add some elderflower syrup, top up with Hibiscus Pomegranate Ice Tea and add the coconut drink. Enjoy ice cold!

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