Trend beverage Iced Colada Tea

01. June 2021

The summer started and temperatures rise. Tea is always preferred as iced version in this period of year. A current Mintel market research shows the high interest in creative, but practical tea beverages.

To fulfil this customer wish, we at Teahouse Exclusives created a delicious-tropical recipe, which we would like to share with you. The only ingredients you need are our Luxury Loose Tea with the flavour of Pina Colada, the One&Only Dairy-free Liquid Frappé with a hint of coconut and ice cubes.

This summery, vegan “Iced Colada Tea” recipe idea can be prepared within seconds and does not need a lot of preparation besides brewing the tea, letting it cool down and blend it with the Frappé. A hint of a fruity syrup can optionally be added.

Serve and enjoy ice cold!

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