The distinctive feature of TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES is the unique aroma of each tea: Traditional favourites and excep­tional delicacies that set an excellent stage for ingredients and aromas and add a special touch to each sort. This hall­mark, which to this day perfectly combines tradition and innovation, is represented by Kai Ellerbrock from the Hälssen & Lyon tea dynasty. The ingenuity of his grandfathers set new standards in the world of tea from 1879. For decades, the company showed real pioneering spirit and set itself apart, all around the world, being the first company to develop and distribute decaffeinated, instant and flavoured teas.

The comprehensive range of quality teas from all around the world and a warehouse concept that was unique across the globe certainly contributed to this outstanding reputation. With TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES, Kai Ellerbrock continues the commitment to his family’s high standards. His passion for tea and his considerable level of expertise stand for this premium tea brand, combining a delicate sense for refinement with highest quality standards and distinctive passion. In a time where everything seems to be „fast forward“ we pause for a moment to think of our tradition.