Early in 2013, we took the wraps off „UniversiTE“: our new series of training courses on the topic of tea. This training programme offers a series of (typically) one-day seminars that teach detailed, tea-related expertise. The trainings emphasise the practical application of course content. A graduate is not only guaranteed the status of uncontested tea expert on account of the know-how gained but is also permitted to refer to himself or herself officially as a „TExpert“.

All courses are based on the knowledge acquired by Market Grounds‘ long experience of artisanal tea production – much of which is embodied in the person of Kai Ellerbrock. As early as 1879, his grandfather‘s creativity was already setting standards in the world of tea, and the company remained faithful to this pioneering spirit in the years to come, cornering the global tea market by inventing and marketing such innovations as the first decaffeinated, instant and flavoured teas.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO FIND OUT MORE? If so, please get in touch with your contact at Market Grounds. Perhaps we will soon be welcoming you to one of our seminars and awarding you with a certificate to verify your hard-earned knowledge.